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I bought this bike just a few months ago and I absolutely love it. That being said the girlfriend doesnt like the bike at all. I really dont want to get rid of it but you know how it is with a significant other.

The tires are in good shape, almost new. They are Pilot Road 3 (not my favorite) but not a horrible tire. The rear just got a nail in it so I am going to swap it out for a Power 3 as well as have the front changed to a Power 3. If someone wants the bike as is and doesnt like those tires I will drop the price slightly. The oil was changed 1,000 miles ago.

Here is some information on the bike.

Year: 2005
Make: Kawasaki
Model: ZX12R
Color: Black with silver lettering
Miles: 15k but I will continue riding it

It has some add on's but nothing major.

-Power Programmer 3
-Flush mount front blinkers
-Hot bodies under tail/fender elminator
-Tinted PUIG windscreen
-Shorty Levers
-Frame sliders (2 per side)
-Yosh RS3 bolt on pipe

The bike fires up great and runs perfect with lots of power but is suprising smooth and easy to ride. The Power Programmer really helps with the low end surge these bikes are known for. It has a nice mellow tone at idle but gets considerably louder when you give it some throttle.

It hasnt been laid over but the mirrors both had small scrapes on them from being moved in the garage. Prior owner was short, as in about 5'6" and he couldnt touch both feet on the ground and he had it packed in so close to other things that I know he just scraped it getting it in to place. I elected to just put a little paint on them and you can barely tell they are there unless you look for them. There are some scratches here and there but they are from the prior owner trying to polish the paint. No digs in the paint and the graphics are like new. I believe the scratches will come out with some rubbing compound as they are not through the clear. No breaks in the fairings, there was a small piece of the ram air system where it meets the fairing but I fixed it and you barely notice it. It was less than an inch piece and I will include a picture later. The tank has no dents or dings either.

For a big bore bike in this condition I dont think my price is out of line. It is a lot of bike for the money. Compared to riding a Busa or even the ZX14 I will say this bike is more like a traditional sport bike, just with slightly larger dimensions whereas the Busa and ZX14 are more of a sport tourer to me. I will also help out on the tax. Currently it sits in the garage with my 2012 Victory Hammer and my 2013 Corvette. I have the title in hand (clean) as well.

I am asking $5,500 as it sits. If I have to put a tire or tires on it the price will most likely be higher.

This is the only picture I have of it currently. I will post up more. The bike is located Lakeland, Florida, 33805 ZIP. Feel free to PM me or post in the thread. I will check it daily.

Thanks for looking.


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I forgot about the BMC air filters it has. Also new chain and sprockets. Stuff I forgot to add.

You are right, its not a ZX10 and I never claimed it to be like one. That being said, for a big bike its not that bad in the twisties and I admit that it takes more balls to carry a lot of speed in a corner with this big bitch. I just feel so cramped on a liter bike, mostly due to my back surgery years ago. I have seen a lot of ZX12s for sale and most are beat to crap and asking close to the same price as I am. I dont buy beat to hell bikes and I wouldnt sell a beat to hell bike and try to pass it off as nice (you guys see that a lot I am sure).

I see 600cc bikes with more miles of the same year in much worse shape going for 5k, not sure how mine is out of line on price, regardless of the NADA and KBB that people try to use all the time for price justification.

If the price is a little high its because it is an above average bike. I tend to overplay the "bad" in my vehicles and most people dont even notice the things I do. I know some people low ball everything because "I can buy this one over here with damage, which I dont care about for X amount, so your bike in nicer condition is worth the same to me." and thats cool. But not everyone wants a bike that has damage so they can get it on the cheap, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

For the year, miles, modifications, upkeep performed already, and overall condition of the bike my price might be a tad high but it allows for some wiggle room. My experience is even if I advertise the best price first, someone still tries to beat me down on price. I advertised my 1997 TL1000S with some bolt ons and 18k miles (never down) and in beautiful condition for $4,250 and got $3,750 out of it. I advertised my GPZ for 4k and got $3,450 out of it because I delivered it to a guy. My other Ninja I think I put on it $1,800 and took $1,350. There is always wiggle room. :)

I appreciate your guys feedback and Shotgun is a good dude and that bike is his is BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, if it was closer I would probably buy it for 3k. There is a local ZX12 in rough condition for 2k that I could use for parts and build the fighter back to its stock condition. I know, that is fightin' words to some of you boys. lol

The price on the bike is negotiable, of course.

I am going to continue to ride it because its a lot of fun and as someone else said its a hell of a road burner. I need it next week as my Vette will be in the shop for a few days. Thowing on full exhaust, smaller supercharger pulley, and a good tune. :) If I dont sell it, no big deal. The girl just isnt too fond of it is the main driver for the sale.

If any central Florida folks on here please give me a shout as I am always down to ride.
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