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Not to say that you're completely far off from what others tend to ask. BUT. You're not getting that price here. Not a snowballs chance in hell. And anywhere else. I'd say you're still gonna be waiting quite a while.

That comment about how it still feels kinda like a sportbike... No they dont. I's a highway missile just like the busa and zx14 and k1200s. Compared to a 1000 it feels like a freight train in the twisties.

Dont worry. Everybody here already knew that.

We were all just looking at Shotgun's very clean good condition fightered zx12-r for $2995. Everybody wanted it but STILL i dont think anyone came forward with the money.

Welcome to CF. Possibly the thriftiest overall motorcycle forum on the whole web. Generally speaking. We know exactly what it is what it does and what it's worth.
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