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FS: '98 CBR 900RR - Streetfighter.

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I hate to do it....i really do. But i've mapped a budget out for this summers earnings. . . . and i can't go back for my final year of school unless i sell the bike.

Toronto is F-ing EXPENSIVE to live in..... anywho, the bike.

low low kms: 18,500kms

Meticulously maintained, runs like new (practically is new).


* Stage 2 Jet kit
* -2 front sproket
* +2 rear sprocket
* Hindle exhaust
* Ducati 748 tail
* Polished Frame
* Polished swing-arm
* Polished wheel lips
* Bar-end mirror
* R1 headlight (stock CBR headlight included.)
* Annondized foot pegs
* LED signals

Very new parts (less than 400kms)

* Tires (front and back)
* Brake pads
* Battery
* Wheel spacers and bearings (front)

Looking for a quick sale: $4900 Canadian! (That like $4500 USD or less @ 10% exchange)

Located in Kingston, Ontario. A 30min drive/ride from the 1000 island border.

I have a ton more pics on this site, just search my name.......
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Okay, $4500 INCLUDING my SPYKE racing leather.

Leather is practically new.
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