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Up for sale is a Dale Walker Holeshot slip on performance muffler. It's in mechanically good shape and with slight damage to the body. With a little chopped off the end, a good cleaning and some paint it would look good as new. It's got rash on the end of the body right next to the end cap and a minor dent which can easily be fixed if taken apart. It's also a little dirty. I was surprised how much lighter it is than my Yoshi. If you want for an extra $50 I will cut down the pipe to your desired length, repack it with new packing if it needs it and for an extra $15 on top of that I will also prime and paint it flat black, gloss black or whatever color you like for the additional cost of whatever color paint I don't have.

The measurements are as follows:
-Overall length- 21.5"
-Body length- 17"
-Body diameter- 5"
-Body circumference- 13"
-Inlet diameter- 2"
-Midpipe inlet diamter- 2"
-Midpipe outlet diameter- 2.125"

I'm looknig to get $130 plus shipping for it anywhere in the CONUS. I will also trade for other parts depending on what it is. Thanks for looking and again Here's the pics!

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