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FS: Shoei RF1100 helmet, white, L ***SOLD***


As the title states, I am selling my gloss white Shoei RF1100. It is a few years old, light to medium use. I have 5 street helmets and I rotate through them during riding season.

I would like to sell this one to get a black one instead.

The helmet is in good shape. No rips, tears, stains, notable wear, or funky odors.

Would make a great canvas for some Sharpie marker art... ;)

There are a few tiny spots in the front near the front vent where some bug residue has stained the finish. Not very noticeable. On the back of the helmet, there are 2 small scuffs from being set on that side while holding/bs'ing. The helmet has not been dropped from any height, or taken any other impacts.

I am including the helmet, helmet bag, sticker, original box, and brand new clear shield.

The tinted shield is NOT included.

Asking $200, shipped in the US. PM me if interested.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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