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FS: Stainless brake line + parts, misc 1000RR bits

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Brake line parts (all new in box)
Goodrich 30" stainless braided brake hose $20+ship
Goodrich banjo male elbow -03 20 degree bend to 3/8 $5+ship
Goodrich banjo male elbow -03 35 degree bend to 3/8 $5+ship

CBR 1000RR parts:
-Stock HESD electronic steering damper complete, perfect $40+ship
-Stock filters perfect off bike with 600 miles $20+ship
-06 airbox + lid complete minus velocity stacks perfect $30+ship
-04 velocity stacks perfect bolt n go $20+ship
-Coolant reservoir perfect $10+ship
-Stock exhaust heat shielding $5+ship
-Stock left handlebar switch assembly some sun fade $15+ship
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I'm in South FL, I can send pics of anything you're interested in, just let me know.
well i want to see the lines with a length to them if possible
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