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Hello Fighters,

I was searching the net yesterday looking to find the fork length for a ZX14. Lo and behold, a fork length compilation page comes back from the search and leads me to Custom Fighters!

Here's the address:

So, today I registered and I look forward to interacting with the CF community.

OK, why FU Hurricane Sandy, because she really was a bitch here in NJ.
As for me, I stayed during the storm, I'm on Long Beach Island and one of the places she decided to drive the Atlantic as far west as she could was right in front of my home.

Here we were spared damage in the living space. The surge ran to an inch of entering the home. The garage was a different story. See the photo for the before.

The GPZ 750 in the photo got the worst of it. The surge broke the garage door and the bike went down. The thing laid on its side for four long hours. At one point it came alive as the seawater conducted electricity across all paths and every light on the bike burned until the battery died. That was fn spooky. And there I am trying to be calm enough to think about why the lights are on! And hoping the thing wasn't going to blow up. That would be real bad timing.

Anyway that's the short of it. The Ducati you see stayed on its wheels. It was taken by a friend who is a Ducati specialist and it runs like new. Was riding the Duc last night.

The same technician is consulting me on the GPZ.
The GPZ is the project bike.

The technician friend had taken the GPZ with the Ducati but didn't have high hopes for it living on. I took it back from him in early May 2013 and saying never die, immediately began tearing it down and bagging, labeling every part.

I got it to a rolling frame and called my friend. I've employed his expertise to bring my vision for this bike to light. Thankfully he agreed to help.

My inspiration for this build comes from the bike builders in Japan. Bulldock and AC Sanctuary.

So our first efforts are to mock up the bike with new tech. Forks, brakes, rear shock, swingarm, wheels and tires. Must get all the geometry right.

We'll graft a complete front end to it and then figure out the rear. I really want to have a 5.5 inch wheel on the rear. So that engineering is in our future.

If anyone has done an adaptation of a 5.5 inch wheel to the rear of this era frame/bike please pass along any advice.

I plan on getting more output from the motor so I will need the rubber back there to get the power to the ground.

So that's it. It's all very exciting to take this on.
It's a first for me.

I'll keep posting as the project develops.

Wish me luck.

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Welcome to CF. that sucks but now at least you have an excuse to build the GPZ up

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Whale cum my friend!
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