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Gixers been Dyno'd

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I got me Gixer dyno'd wed, I was a little dissapointed that this motor was about 12hp down on the one i killed last year, But the bloke dynoing it got it from 116.3bhp & running like a bag'o'shite to a lot more healthy 122.2bhp eliminating the annoying 3.5k flat spot and an overall power gain of about 5% through the whole rev range, so i am a very happy man as my baby is now an absolute joy to ride again Now to see if this and the bikes weight loss program will improve my times down the strip:D
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I took the guy 3 and a half hours to set up, ya get the original run then he has to take the carbs off to change the jetting and he had to repeat this several times before it was spot on, It maybe a quicker process for you guys with fuel injection, over here the average for dyno time is £50 an hour, not bad considering the end result is a lot nicer ride:D
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