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Just wanted to put some info out there to any bikers in the UK and perticulary Scotland.

This sunday is the annual "easter egg run" in the city of Glasgow.

The event is free (asides from egg and cash donations to Yorkhill sick childrens hospital, a worthy cause im sure you'll agree) and takes off from Kelvin Way in Glasgows city centre at 12:30. Although take my advice and arive maybe an hour before.

There is no catch, simply turn up, and your in. Last year 8,000 bikes were involved and this year more than 10,000 are expected.

The route is fully enclosed and cordoned off by the police ensuring bikes safe and unhindered *cough* passage on the run.

It would be great for the Kids at Yorkhill if as many bikers as possible turn up and will also aid the UK bike scene as a whole.

Here is the official website :

Thanks for your time Guys n' Girls.

PM me if anyone wants more information as this will be my 4th run and i should be able to answer most questions.:rock:
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