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mrbodydrop said:
Great bars, but you should really look around on ebay a little more. I just recently bought Fly Aeroflex bars with risers for $50:D
Yeah I know, I was lookin around for a while. I got the LSL kit minus the bars it came with..

BUT Im designing a custom set of billet risers with either a 1 piece center riser or a 1 piece top clamp that will accept a Scott's damper.

I know they sell the 1 piece top clamps that will hold Scotts dampers on ebay, but the width of my bar risers is different, and I have 2 angle blocks that set my risers and bars forward. So it wouldnt work right..


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Im pretty sure ive seen clip ons that arent as aggressive for sale somewhere. The problem when i get the USD forks is the lsl upper triple isnt gonna fit the new forks, nor will my clamps for the headlights. Im going to have so many spare parts laying around. Too bad I have to move in alittle over a year.
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