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Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone of you could help me.
I got a Kawasaki GPX600R - 90 that only has spark on cylinder 2 & 3 (right side ignition coil)
If I change the leads going to ignition coil 1 to coil 2 the other stops working and give no sparks on cylinder 2 & 3.

Meassured values in resistance on primary is within limits according to Haynes.
Also the resistance on pickup coils is within limits.

I have all sparkplugs new and the same model.

I swapped IC igniter, ignition coil and the pickup coils from another bike, but the problem is the same even with parts from my other bike.

Has anyone a clue why I don't get a spark on cylinder 1 & 4?

Wire diagram in link below

Thank you in advance.

/// Jonny

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have you verified that there is power present at each coil with the ignition on? looks like they share a power source so if you check, and theres only power on one, follow the dead one back toward where it splices and look for a broken/chafed/burnt/etc wire. if both have power, then youll need to check the wiring between the IC Ign and the coils. this is the ground side of the circuit. coils are powered full time with the ignition on and use ground pulses to collapse their field and induce current into the secondary coil. the ground circ should pulse a ground signal while cranking/running. check those and report back if necessary.

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According to the wiring diagram the only difference between the circuitry for coils 1/4 and 2/3 is the tachometer is driven by the 1/4 coil circuit. There may be a problem with the tach circuit which is somehow affecting the trigger signal to that coil. To check unplug the instruments and give it another go.

Hopefully it's that simple.

Good luck.

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