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Hiya, been a long while since I was on here, unbelievable hassle with DVLA (I'm in the UK) and regs for modified / built bikes. Anyway, that's another story but it has meant a whole new engine build on my GPz 1100 Unitrak while it gets sorted. I was planning on a lightened and balanced crank, maybe get it welded too and run it with stock pistons and top end until I can buy a big bore kit for it and do some head work.

I have just got my hands on an original DFI system, loom, airbox, pump etc. The bike came with a set of carbs when I bought it, Mikuni 31's in fact, but I have doubts about them or at least how they're set up. If I fitted a big bore kit would the DFI work with it or should I use carbs instead........or........should I use the DFI but get an aftermarket brain and get the bike mapped on a dyno?

Also, to add to my confusion I found an article about detonation on higher compression engines too. Wiseco do an 1170cc piston kit for my bike with a 10.25 : 1 or 9.5 : 1 compression ratio. I figured if I use premium fuel I can go for the higher compression without fear of engine knocking. Is this where everyone tells me I'm totally wrong?! Am I even asking the right questios?!

I look forward to any advice or pearls of wisdom offered as it's my first proper go at modfying and there are many mistakes waiting to be made!

A good mate of mine is running his stock 11 on 34mm mic carbs without problems, he had tried some 32's & couldnt get the right & the efi was scrap as usual & he did look at going aftermarket but the expense put him off, the 34's were a pain to set up but its sweet as a nut now

I suppose it depends on what you are more comfortable with
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