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I'm new to the site, (done my intro, pics etc and been "repped" I think that's a positive thing?). In searching through old threads I found a posting on a thread to do with someone doing up a GPz 1100 like mine. One of the members on here said........"Bandit 1200 swingarms slot in easily, requiring very little other than some sleeves and spacer making up. Any front end you want will slot in with a simple stem swap required. If you need any info just ask.........".

This made my day as I've been trying to find what will fit to my frame. I have just bought a nearly finished project but want to make some big changes to the look as it's pretty standard and won't scare anyone! I wanted to put a much fatter, higher (2-3") and maybe slightly longer rear end. I want to get something done fairly easily and cheap(!) for now, and use it go to meets etc. while getting a feel for my own taste and style, just treat it as a work in progress.

I'm not looking to have my hand held every step of the way on my own build but a little light shed on the subject so I can find my own way would be greatly appreciated.

I've rebuilt smaller bikes but as I'm new to modifying bikes I wondered would it be better to just buy an entire rear end (mechanics not body) off a 1200 bandit and the front of a GSXr K series to eliminate figuring out compatibility of wheels, brakes etc. I don't suppose many of the original parts will be getting used anyway, the discs are small, the wheels are narrow, clocks are ugly and so on. I've found bearing and spacers details for fork swaps etc.

I am in a rural area in the UK and don't get to see many bikes in the flesh (apart from the usual plastic missiles!) so I'm limited to a computer screen an some imagination. There are so many variables to think about but for now I would just like to get an idea of what to get buying.

I guess I'll leave it at that and see what happens as I run the risk of coming across like I'm not thinking for myself!!!!!
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