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ab420 said:
30 gal tank? You must be talking about a car... somehow... I don't think a 636 with a 30 gal. tank would work out too well..

Nope...the 636 and the fighter both have the standard 5 gallon tanks...and I ain't riding either one of them 9 hours!! The truck has the 30 and gets about 15 mpg around town...maybe 19 highway. Then add in a trailer with a bike or two and I am down to about 16 hwy...then add in the factor of how I drive and I am at 12 hwy!!! I get about 350 miles to the tank, but that was w/o the trailer, so I am figureing about 300 miles...2 tanks up...2 back...

And yeah, I remember jiffy pop. I used to hate when the foil would burst!!!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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