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Hey guys,

I just found a new toy. It is a 1985 suzuki gs700e. As far as I know, they are pretty rare bikes. Only made for one year. I picked mine up for $300 and it was already painted black and has bar end mirrors on it. Runs extremely well, very strong; but it does have 30k on it. For the price, though, you can't beat it.

I do have a quick question for anyone who can help. How the %($* can I put dirt bike handlebars on it? It is a weird triple tree that I have never seen before. They go over, down, and over again and they have black circle-caps on them to cover them.


I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to do that.

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If you want to post pics easy, get a photobucket account.

Upload your photos to the photobucket and on your page it will say under the uploaded pic "URL Link," "HTML Tag," and "IMG code". Copy/paste the image code to your post and it will put the picture in for you.
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