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Okay well I have an 04-05 GSXR 750 front end that is going on my fighter and I need a front wheel for it. Does anyone know what all year/model wheels will fit? I know that I will need a different diameter rotors if I use an 03 or older wheel because of the radial brakes.

Is the width of the hub/bolt battern for rotors the same? As in could I use a 2000-2003 GSXR 600/750 wheel and bolt on 04-05 GSXR 750 rotors and be ready to roll? I know the wheel diameter/width is the same and I'm pretty sure the bolt pattern is the same, but I didn't know if the mounting surface width for the rotors were different (as in I would need a spacer to make the rotors line up right in the calipers?)

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