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I am swapping a 2006 Gsx-r600 kill switch to a 2007 r1 switch... (narrower). I am having trouble with the wiring. I have a 6 wires on the r1 switch and I have 7 on the gsxr.

What I was able to figure out using both wiring diagrams:


Kill Switch - O/B and O/W >Run
Starter button - O/W and Y/G >Push
Brake Switch - B/R and B/Bl >On

Kill Switch - R/W and R/B >Run
Starter Button - Black(ground?) and Bl/W (?)
Brake Switch - G/Y and Br >On

I have two extra wires on the Gsxr wires since I do not have a ground on the original kill switch. O/R and Y/W have nowhere to go on the r1 switch.

If anyone has any advice on this, please let me know. I have mocked up a few wiring options as to how I think it should go. Let me know if I got it or if there is something that needs to be changed.

R1 >(to) Gsxr

R/W > O/B
R/B > O/W
G/Y > B/R
Br > B/Bl
X > O/R
X > Y/W
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