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Today in the menu.
Piaggio zip 50
turned into 60 with no Cleaning Ever with no service for years and one broken bolt in the exhaust head side, the one of the 2 that holds the exhaust. drilling and taping got done under the dirty scooter and then the assembly of the motor to the frame and a few steps before the finish the same bolt broke again! So the next was some more drilling and a few broken drills but the worst was a broken tap! yeah! this was a big fail and then some more broken drills. The motor and tire had to split from the zip again to go to the machinery after 8 hours i was so unsatisfied and angry. What about a broken gas hose.
This was a filthy bath on gas and oil and shit. What a nightmare!!!. after all this i had to clean all this mess and move the tools. boss was so angry and work stack on this Freaking Evil Monster.

Tell your Stories about hard tasks and situations at work Here!!!
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