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Hi yall,
So, this will be a project wich many of you might not like, but I dont care, cause i like it馃ぃ

I live in Norway, and we have a long winter up here, so plenty of time to bulid a bike you would think...

So, this is my starting point, I allready did a lot with the bike, but wasnt happy with how it looked or how it handled.

So, a picture of the bike last summer:

I thought the bike was too low, and not good at handling twisty roads.
So, i started to make some plans...

I gathered some parts and searched the www for some inspiration on what to do.
I landed on using a Buell XB front end, the reason is I got the complete front end dirt cheap. Also I think the front brakes on the Buell looks badass!
The rear suspension is from Bitubo, 14.5" long shocks to get the ass up in the air a bit.
I searched a long time to find a tailsection that would look right, and ended up with a tracker tail from Saddlemen.

This bike made by Kraus, the Dynamite, was a big inspiration for me:

So, first thing first, strip the bike to its frame and get it sandblasted:

When the frame was back from blasting i started boxing in the area where the battery and fusebox sits.


The plan is to fit the battery, coil and a Motogadget M.unit in this "box", so i can hide all the wiring inside the frame.


Next up is paint, the frame got powdercoated flattblack with texture, the look of the texture paint is fucking awesome!

The engine, gasstank, tailsection and frame will be black and some details on the engine, rockerboxes, camcover, clutchcover, outerprimary and wheels will have a bronze/brown ish color.


So now to the fun part... Start the build:)

I bought a set of Moose dirt track racing handlebars, Renthal grips and Magura brake and clutch pump.
Since i have the M.unit I went with the M.button to reduse the number of cables out of the bar.
I also didnt have any place to put a ignition lock, so i bought the M.lock from Motogadget.
Buttons are also from motogadget.
Fueltank is a Legacy tank for a sportster, that i altered the tunnel so it sits a bit lower on the frame. Ultimately I would love to make my own tank, but this will do for now.

To correct the dreaded Dynawobble I mounted a Sputhe stabilizer kit on the bike, hoping that it wont wobble when the bike gets pushed in high speed corners.



I麓m missing some parts and the swing arm and some other bits needs to get painted, but the bike will be ready in beginning of May I hope... We still have snow and its icy in the morning on the roads, so no rush getting the bike done...

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Some pictures of the bike and how it sits now.



Will try and post a picture of the bike with the tail and the fueltank on:)

As for the engine, it is upgraded with high comp pistons from Keith Black, a Screaming Eagle SEH57 cam, ported heads, S&S Super E carb and a Vance & Hines 2-1 Upsweep exhaust system. Hoping to make around 90-100 RWHP.

More to come:)

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Had to put the tank and the tail on the bike just to get som motivation....
Starting to look good I think馃

The only thing I鈥檓 not sure of yet is what to do with the front light situation馃

I鈥檝e made alu "fairing鈥 but not sure I like it馃檲

Was thinking of putting a small led bar in it and a projector lamp for the lowbeam, but now I鈥檓 not sure馃う馃徏鈥嶁檪锔
I also have this fairing that I can use, but I don鈥檛 think it looks so good either....

So if anyone has a idea on another solution I鈥檓 all ears...馃槼

Eff Tee Pee
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If there was a style of HD build we would like, This is it TimJ. Excited to see what you turn out man!
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The engine is finally back together馃ぉ
Waiting to get the swingarm back from paint, so I can figure out how long the belt needs to be馃
I probably need a 130 tooth belt, but I can鈥檛 find it in 20mm width馃う馃徏鈥嶁檪锔
Anyone here who got a tip where to look?
Picture of the engine:
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

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Some more progress made馃ぉ
Fired up the bike this weekend for the first time with the new heads, it sounded mean馃槇馃槇馃槇馃槇

Still waiting for my wheel bearings and some other small stuff, but there is still ice on the roads in Norway in the morning, so no rush馃槕
Some pictures of how it looks right now馃コ馃ぉ馃コ

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coming along nicely! !

Quackenbush Qustom
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Love it. All of it. Except the headlight. I like the headlight but don't love it. If (when) I were to ever build a harley it would likely be in a parallel direction to what you have done. Great job.

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Thanks for all the comments guys馃コ馃檹馃徎
Sorry for not updating anything in a while, but the engine agent to shit after 500 meters, so had to put it on hold for a while.
But I will take some pics this weekend of the finished product馃槉
And yes, I don鈥檛 love the headlight either, but struggling with what to do on that matter馃
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