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Just a quick post to say Hi all...

In the process of re-building my ZRX1200... Below is a pic of her before the re-build, and a spec list for the way she'll be in about 4 weeks!!!!

1224cc Muzzy kit
12.5:1 Pistons
Full gas-flowed head
Fully blueprinted engine
Big CC NOS kit, 1lb bottle
Bito R&D Keihin Flastides
Cherry red alloy trumpets with mesh guards
Braided oil lines (all lines)
Custom MTC exhaust system
Campbells Sidewinder cans
Plot Racing oil catch tank
Cometic gaskets
Denso plugs
Dyna coils
Taylor leads
GSG Moto/Moko Engine cover (black anodised)
GSG Moto/Moko Windowed clutch cover (black anodised)
Ivans block off kit (octopus and snorkel removed)
Ivans ignition advancer (4o)
Muzzy adjustable cam sprockets
PMC cam oil feed line kit
Renthal front sprocket
Samco water hoses
Yoshimura ST-1 Cams
Plot crancase breather plate

Power Output
Unknown but c. 170atw without gas, 230+ with

Tsugaki Engine bars
Arata rearsets
Oberon frame plugs
Oberon filler cap
Plot rear footrest hangers
Plot front sprocket guard
Custom exhaust bracket

Front End
320mm Galfer Discs
Active radiator
Active oil cooler
Muzzy's alloy fan
Bloody great horn
Braided brake lines (Goodridge cutom made in black)
Braided clutch line (as above)
Custom billet NOS and QS button mounts
GSG Moko Alloy headstock (black anodised)
GSG Moto Headlight brackets (black anodised)
Custom front mudguard, Carbon Kevlar
Integrated switchgear bars
Custom throttle with hidden cables
Custom billet mirrors
PT billet brake and clutch master cylinders (black)
PT billet front 6-pot calipers (black)
Renthal bar brace (modified to take the guages)
Showa USD forks (black anodised tubes)
Rizoma reservoires
Custom billet quad headlight with HID

Rear End
44t rear Renthal alloy sprocket
DID Gold Chain
Custom gull-wing braced swingarm
Goodridge braided brake line
MEK rear brake torsion arm
Brembo rear master cylinder
Standard rear caliper, rebuild and powder coated
WP fully adjustable rear shocks
Oberon excentric adjusters

S' bodywork completely removes, including frame mounts
Hesa tail and seat unit
Carbon Fibre under hugger (Black Diamond)
Carbon Fibre Bellypan (Black Diamond)
Quickshifter kit
Carbon Fibre tank protector
All 'shiny' parts exept exhaust and frame braces black powdercoat or anodised

Absolute Protec alarm/Imob... 2 disc locks... dirty great chain and a ground anchor...
Acewell Speedo and Temp guage
Plot earthing kit
Oberon billet indicators
Re-positioned starter button
Earthing kit

Custom Alsa corp effect/Copper FX (by JPS, Takeley)
Airbrush work by owner
Frame and swingarm black powdercoat (by Edward's, Braintree)
Gloss black powdercoated wheels (by Triple-s)

Plot Engine protectors
Oberon clutch cylinder cap
Various custom made brackets and fixings by owner

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THAT, sir, is a badass bike! first zrx ive seen on these pages. nice bike. nice work.

glad to have you! got any progress pics for us??!!


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Thanks for the welcome guys!!! Give me a warm and fuzzy feelin all over ;)

The pic I took above was the way she looked last december, before I stripped her completely. She had about 135rwhp at that time, but I thought I'd go for it big time on the re-build.

Stripped her down to this:

And on Friday she looked like this (and yes, I did paint the other half of the garage floor ;) ):

Engine is back in and a lot of work's been done over the weekend. Original forks are back on until I get the yokes and showa forks back from being anodised black. Same story with the swingarm, this is a spare, the other is away being plated up to look like a modern GP bike style....

I'm off out to the garage for a couple of hours so will post up a pic of where she's at now...

Need some ideas for the lights, am thinking quad HID, but finding it difficult to get any small enough.. open to suggestions...


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Looky Looky! An engine and everything :D

Main job done today was the oil breather plate and catch tank placement (silver cylinder on the front frame rail).

It's the only place to put it that's near vertical and out of teh way of my legs/feet when I'm sitting on the bike!

Some pics...

Air shifter bits 'n bobs


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whered your upside downies go?? powdercoaters??

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bike looks great via! :metal: that paint really flip flops!
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