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hi folks
i'm gordie from miramichi new brunswick canada
i found this forum by chance when i goggled cr500 streetfighter looking for info on the ducky member here on youtube. after watching his videos i started my copy of this build.
but with a little twist. xr440 boosted engine.
97 cr250 frame , 07 gsxr750 front end, cbr600f2 rear rim, vfr800 front rim, blackbird rotors, zx10 shock.
building the engine now it is a 98 case xr400 just waiting on parts

i bought the vfr800 rim by mistake , while looking exactly the same as the vfr750
when it arrived i removed the 6204 bearings and pressed in 6005 to fit the gsxr axle.
too my surprise the blackbird rotors bolt right to the 800 rim but spacing is off.
after ordering a vfr750 / 600f3 rim and seeing the bolt circle is smaller and 6905 bearings are needed for a 25mm gsxr axle ,this kept up awake at night.
both rotor are spaced perfect but just can't deal with wimpy 6905 bearings in the 750/600f3 rim.

so i'm on the fence to use the vfr800 rim and 1 rotor to get it spaced right


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have ya gotta bild thred going yet ?

welcome in
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