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Hello CF!

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I'll start off with my name and my story. My name is Ryan and I was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. I've been into modding cars most of my life and I am a diehard Nissan/Datsun fan (sometimes Infiniti). Ive owned several Z's and currently own a '73 240. I was in the ARMY for the last 7 years and always wanted to get a motorcycle, just never got around to it. I came home and have been ridding dirty with some friends and got the itch turned into a full blown disease. Lol.
A childhood friend of mine works as a Motorcycle tech and came across a steal for a '03 Bandit 1200, and I couldn't pass it up. The deal was so good I could have sold it for parts and had nice profit. Well, that was the idea... at first. As I am sure you all know, if it works, why not make it faster/better?
The bike has 96,xxx miles and was smoking like Humphrey Bogart. So we decided to tear it apart and see what the issue may be... In the process I fell in love and now it's my project.
I won't carry on about it in my intro, but I am not sure if I should do a bike build thread right off the bat. Anywho, I'll just say, Holeshot stage 2 carb kit, GSXR cams, 11.1 JE pistons will be living in her soon.
I've been a lurker in the shadows here for a while now. Gathering ideas and learning about where She's headed.
I am happy to be a member and I hope to see you guys around. Thanks for reading.
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How I got her

and how she sits today
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Welcome to CF lots of great bandits in here to look through. With all the work you're doing you should think about a turbo
Build thread. Elpronto
Welcome to CF.................
welcom in mate ,pics and a bild thred or:shocker:;)
@94yzf75fighter, I'd love to do a turbo build, if you'll sponsor me :D. In all honesty I cannot afford, nor do I wish to deal with that. I've had turbo Nissan Z's in the past and I do not wish to go through that heart ache again.
Thanks for the love guys.
I will post up a build thread with what I've done to her so far. Stay tuned.
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