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I ride my beloved Z750S everywhere. About 50k miles on the clock in the last three years.

I have ridden to the dragon from FL, through the backroads of NM, and through several track days at Jennings GP in north FL. In short, I LOVE THIS BIKE.

Mods so far are fairly mild
* 636 rear shock swap
* Power commander
* Two brothers carbon fiber exhaust
* Twisted Throttle rear luggage pod mount plus Coocase Wizard rear pod (about the size of 1.5 full size helmets)

I'm starting to get the urge to take it apart to swap air filter and spark plugs, as well as having the power commander map tuned. That may have to wait however as I am thinking about going after the Iron Butt Patch on a ride to Orlando FL and back from Albuquerque NM in the space of a week and a half.

I've gained a few pounds since the pic was taken (guy on the left). I am now at 240. I DEFINITELY do not fit into that track suit at the moment.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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