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Hello all. I've been trying to come up with i bike build for a wile now, collecting parts and pieces and sticking them into autocad to kinda sketch up a concept.

The base is a 1981 CB750C. The tank is a CB600f, tail and seat is from an Interceptor and the front is GSXR600. The CB frame has been sawzall engineered for the mono shock from a ex650.

Here you can see the exploded view

This is what i have so far, kinda a modern take on a cafe maybe.

I used the Honda Interceptor as the reference for the ergonomics. you can see the green lines where the seat, pegs and bars are. BTW everything is to scale in all these pictures.

here you see that i have preserved those ergo points in my concept.

Anyways, that's my intro post. please feel free to comment. This is a budget build, my "machine shop" is a sawzall, angle grinder and a mig welder. If its not cheaply available on craigslist or ebay, its not happening.
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