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well ive looked on google and seem to be only able to find part from the UK that i want and was wondering if anyone knew of places with the following items for my cbr600 f3:

top folk lift handlebars
dual 5" or larger fork mount dual headlights
digital speedo/tach oval shape
ss brake lines *custom sizes*
folk mount turn signals

or with the handle bars ive seen these other items that look like the lift plate but no plate just the holes the bars attach to now would those work or do i need more pieces?



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For dual 5" or larger lamps

SS Lines, custom sizes, you can build your own with Goodridge lines. The adaptors/banjos simply thread into a pre made line (of varying lengths from 4" to almost 5')

Fork Mount turn have 41mm forks correct? I got 41mm Harley Signals off eBay (haven't seen many since, but they're out there).
go here and scroll down to custom marker lights.
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