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Hey guys I just need some help from anyone who has done this swap. I used a 2001 R1 gauge so the fan control will still work. We'll I completed the swap following a writeup on the Fz1oa forum and also studied wiring diagrams personally so I am fairly confident that everything is wired correctly.

The major parts of the gauge are working correctly but the engine fan is constantly on, the temperature gauge won't rise above low, and the oil light is constantly flashing.

I am mostly concerned with the issues having to do with the temperature and fan. It is possible that the r1 gauge is more sensitive to oil levels and I need to top off my oil but I am stumped as to the issues with the temperature and fan.

There are wires in the connector for water sense, water sense ground, and fan relay. If I had to guess I would say it's an issue with one of the two wires to the thermostat but I'm just wondering if anyone else has any insight to this issue.
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