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I just fixed my fork seals and went for an hour long ride or so last night. The bike ran great and was a fun ride.

Now the disappointment...
Started it this morning, and about 2 minuted down the road it started running weird, almost like it was not firing on all cyls. I switched to my reserve fuel thinking I might be running low, but it did not correct so I turned back to my house and parked it in shame.

My first thought was one of my ignition coils went bad/stopped working since it felt like I was running on 2 cylinders.
I took out the plugs and checked for sparking on all of them and they all worked.

I checked the gap, gave them a light scrub with a wire brush to see if I just needed a better spark (even though I just put them in <400 miles ago)... no improvement.
Did not test for ohms because I am not sure how on plugs and my tester needs a batt.

I checked the wired around the ecu and nothing seems to be unplugged.

So I checked the fuel delivery thinking maybe my pump stopped working.
Bypassed that with a gravity feed system and observed no improvement, but I know that it is drinking fuel now.

Any help would be awesome because I am scratching my head at this one. How can it run like a champ last night and barely run at all like 10 hours later?
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