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Well ... I happened to have ...
I have a suzuki gs 750 streetfighter '80 and want to leave .... and begin to reform and got a fork. And kawasaki zzr 1100 rocker ...

The first question is that the rocker has a width of 26 inches ... and the space in the chassis is 23 inches .. I was advised to cut the chassis and open to take the measure

is appropriate ....? ....Pictured are the places where cut ....

The other question is about the rocker shaft ... is 20 millimeters in diameter ... and as I have in the cahasis is 9 millimeters ...

like I can adapt ...?
I hope I can help ... as it is my first reform of this guy ... and I like to learn .... thanks ...

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do you mean 26 and 23 centimeters?

you might be able to shave some off the swingarm pivot. i'd suggest shaving some from the frame, but it doesn't look like you have much to remove there. Widening the frame is going to be a pain in the ass. i'd suggest finding a narrower swingarm.

as for the axle diameter, will you be running a mono-shock with the zx11 swingarm? you can just drill out the frame out to 20mm, or have a sleeve made for the pivot tube (20mm OD x 9mm ID x width of pivot tube)
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