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help with valve cover screws

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I ordered stainless steel valve cover bolts for my GSXR 1100 engine in the UK.

plastic washers were supplied to the screws


They aren't sealing washers, are they?

The sealing washers are thinner than the original sealing washers and are not flexible.



or do both panes have to be mounted? First the plastic washer and then the sealing washer ???

There was no instruction included.

Or do you just leave out the plastic washer and just mount the sealing ring, as it is the original?

Who can please help me with the correct answer?

Thanks in advance, Andy
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I'm not familiar with that engine specifically, however in my experience those plastic ones are usually to prevent marking the painted surface under the screw. Since the sealing washer will do the same thing, I would imagine that should be good enough and you can omit the plastic ones
First of all, thank you for this answer.
more answers ??????
i see no need for the plastic discs, the seal should touch both sides to work, the plastic could cause problems
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I was just back in the garage. I have no idea what the discs are for. I'm leaving the bastards out. The original sealing washers are sufficient.

Thank you two for the answers.
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Have these screws also.Had to use plastic washer/spacer on mine as the shoulders on the bolts were bigger than stock bolts.Standard seal could not be fitted only as bolts would leak Have attached pics for reference. 1st pic no washer.2nd pic stock seal .3rd pic plastic spacer and seal.

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you'd think they'd just make them the correct size , unless loads were made the wrong size and the plastic washers were a cheap fix
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Yeah you would think they would be same as stock bolts....kinda strange I would say .

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seen it before in industry, someone mass orders the wrong size, it then works out cheaper to do something other than rework or scrap them
I took a better photo.

So the difference that Suban12 has with the screws is not what I have.


The left stainless steel screw has a collar height of 5.2 mm. The original screw on the right is 5.4 mm high at the collar. So that's not what the plastic panes were intended for.
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I would bet Suban's screws were for something else originally - note the radius cut after the threads end. They wouldn't bother with another set of operations for no reason, those were intended for more load than squdging a valve cover between a gasket and a rubber seal.

Just my take, I'm not an aircooled Suzi guy so maybe these things break on the reg and it makes total sense :p
threads are undercut on Suban's , makes it easier to get something to screw right up to a shoulder
Yeah it's always a pain when the female threads stop before the top of the hole
Then tell me. Didn't use the white discs.
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