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· the mad doctor
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can't....stop.............looking at your avatar......


· Eff Tee Pee
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welcome to the site mr.gixxer

maybe you'll have to recruit some people from toronto. cuz i dont think we have any.. .

oh wait. lord of illusions may be?? i know he canadian not sure exactly where from tho.

· ?????????????
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Urbandrag said:
I'm not from Toronto...
But, I'm from!...

:smiley_abzv: :winko: Welcome...
Hiya Urban welcome to CustomFighters dude allways good to have fellow DTP'ers on here.
:cfrocks: DTP rocks too!

· I shit awesomeness
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lol 3 years and we finally have another toronto member :D

pretty sweet that mr.gixxers avi still pertains to the thread :thumbsup:

· Konichiwa Bitches
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It's mrgixxer.....I think he's only ever had one avatar that wouldn't have pertained to this thread-and it was the girl with the magical dancing ass.

Or maybe that was in his sig.......either way, he's got the good ones. :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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