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· Eff Tee Pee
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welcome to the site friend of a friend!

make yourself at home! feel free to upload some pics!

thanks for signing up!


· Eff Tee Pee
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wOoHoO! i hope that verification process doesnt take to long!

(looks like its keepin down spammers tho)

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929_adam said:
wOoHoO! i hope that verification process doesnt take to long!

(looks like its keepin down spammers tho)
Actually, there was something wrong in the code for the email system. Some of the people who signed up last night did NOT get a verification email sent. I went in today, fixed the problem, and manually verified their accounts, so he IS now a registered member, ready to post! :cfrocks:

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cool...I will let him know. He hadn't got the email yet, but he was able to go into his User CP and change limited options. I well pass on the info though!

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Thanks for the kind welcome, I'm looking forwards to getting to know everyone here.

Oh man, what a night. Like Endo said, he's the one to refered me, so you can blame him for whatever I do here HAHA. You've really screwed yourself this time Endo.

Yeah, spent an hour trying to get my account set up last night.

Jeff: I seem to be signed in... where do I introduce myself?

Josh: go to the bottom

Jeff: I'm gonna set up my profile... or try too

Josh: to the "Welcome Center (For NOOBS)!"

Josh: haha

Jeff: yeah yeah, I'll set up my profile first

Josh: haha

Jeff: hmmm, cannot edit profile

Jeff: nevermind

Josh: you got told

Jeff: sexual orientation?

Jeff: told by who?

Josh: by the board

Jeff: hey look

Josh: k

Josh: lol

Jeff: It's a COCK in front of your keyboard...

Jeff: I'm having to write stock a lot...

Josh: hahahahahahahaha

Jeff: sexual orientation?

Jeff: okay... where is my signature?

Josh: I'm straight

Jeff: no seriously?

Jeff: could have fooled me

Josh: but whatever your decision, we support you



Josh: lol why?

Jeff: I cannot find where to edit my signature...

Josh: user cp?

Jeff: ...

Josh: first option on the left

Jeff: yeah... where's the sig part hidden?

Jeff: is cc my signature?

Jeff: err css is my sig?

Josh: when I click User CP, the first option on the left under Control panel, settings and options, is EDIT SIGNATURE

Jeff: edit e-mail and passwrod

Jeff: edit arcade options

Jeff: edit profile

Jeff: edit vehicle profile

Jeff: edit options

Jeff: upload bike pics to garage

Jeff: edit avatar

Jeff: I cannot upload a custom avatar either

Josh: wierd

Josh: maybe you need to post once

Josh: I edited my profile after a couple posts

Jeff: maybe

Jeff: I need

Jeff: to get

Jeff: that e-mail

Josh: did it say you should get one?

Josh: check your junk email

Jeff: "Is your coc k big enough" is the most recent junk mail...

Jeff: lol

Josh: hhahahaha

Jeff: Sevulturus, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
That about sums up the entire night. Turns out that you cannot edit sigs until you are actually a verified member.

Haha, I keep all my pictures elsewhere, but I'm happy to link them :D No it's not a streetfighter yet, but I'm working on it. Unfortunately, I'm dangerously short on cash, but have an overabundance of ideas.

This is my bike somewhere just south of Jasper on the Icefields parkway on Canada Day

One of my best friends Malice, I'm slowly talking him into getting a sportier bike. This was a lucky shot on my part, and it's friggin tough to aim a camera while riding.

We got pretty loaded that night

I think that's enough for now.

· The Soft Serve Enigma
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haha, nice post man, I'm slightly disturbed that you save conversations though! I try to hide my tracks...I shall never speak to you again :p

(see ya in class tomorrow :?)

· Eff Tee Pee
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you'll never be able to reach my whoredness....but have fun trying!

:cfrocks: call your bike a fighter, its just still a factory fighter!
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