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First of all, thanks for the welcome... Quiet 'automatic'... But I liked it!...


Let's try to break the ice…
I'm Diego from Argentina, I'm 32, married, one beautiful 2 ½ years daughter…
I'm an electronic technician but I work as electrical maintenance technician…
As most of you, I like streetfighters, dragbikes and custom sportbikes…
I'm about to finish my project…
It's based in a ZX11 1992 platform…
The mods, as follows:

- Wiseco Hi compression pistons (1109cc)
- Keihin FCR 41mm with open velocity stacks.
- (Street) Nitrous kit with purge and Schnitz Racing NC2000 progressive nitrous controller. Also have a Pro Mod kit that will be installed after seeing how the bike behaves under nitrous effects…
- MRE Lock up Clutch
- Vance & Hines SS-2R exhaust system without muffler.
- Barnett heavy duty friction plates and springs.
- Carrillo rods (To be installed)
- +8" Superbike Mike swingarm extension blocks
- Braided stainless steel oil lines (Built by meself)
- Braided stainless steel brake and clutch lines (Built by meself). By now, I have Russell lines in the front, they will be removed soon.
- Dyna 2000 ignition system with Dyna coils and Taylor leads.
- Hybrid air shifter. Pingel air bottle, MRE piston, and the rest of parts were bought at the local warehouse.
- APE manual cam chain tensioner.
- Veypor VR2 computer.
- Autometer gauges (Oil pressure, A/F ratio, Fuel pressure for nitrous system)
- GSXR1000 Six pot calipers in the front.
- Chromed and polished bits.
- Powdercoated frame
- ZZR600 dogbones.
- Aluminum bolts in engine cases.
- Stainless steel bolts in some important parts, such as windscreen
- Custom dashboard built in acrylic, with digital indicator/temperature controller (a souvenir from my last job) for water cooling system, 'fighter' toggle switches with built-in leds for nitrous and shifter arming, purge button, NC 2000, A/f gauge, idiot lights.
- Ekcetera…
- Ekcetera…
- Ekcetera…
And as always… Lots of parts and mods are coming soon… A custom biker job is never done…
I know it's not look like the ordinary streetfighter style… but it's inspired in a dragbike style… Long, low, and slow!...
I hope to finish this crap soon, because I need funds to start with another project. An '84 750 Turbo…
Here is an (more or less) updated pic of my ZX11:

Well… You can see some more pics in my page @ in the link in my signature. EDIT:
Hope we will become good friends, and I also hope we help each other in our projects (In the distance) if we can.

Thanks for reading me!.:party-smiley:
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