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Hey :)

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I'm Carl, 26 from Surrey, UK.

I own and ride a Honda NSR125 JC22 Foxeye which I'm about to Streetfighter.

This is her..

It's currently at 14k miles so I'll get plenty of life out of it, had some running problems but seem to have sorted those now. I've been riding it for just over a month and LOVE it compared to the Yamaha I had before. Hitting 100mph easily on this thing is insane (Private land, officer)

Anyway, Nice to meet you all and I'll get a build thread up soon :)
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Welcome to CF Carl!! Repped you for the intro & pics! :D
Welcome! Looks like a good starting point on the bike
Thanks for the welcomes guys. It'll be a shame to fighter this bike as its quite clean and has no crash damage. However I feel if i keep the fairings and headlight and nosecone, I can revert it back to factory. (Unless I take fightering it too far) ha!
Yaa.. I had the same thought in mind.. Good luck sticking to that plan. Once you start you tend to go crazy and then it will be much harder to revert back. Welcome!
Welcome to CF. get to choppin'
Welcome to CF.................
Welcome to CF. get to choppin'

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Good looking bike, so yes don't chop it up and you can resell the plastic bits for serious coin if you want. Look at full race plastics that have the same basic shapes. Get good with welding mild steel tho because if you plan to be backwards compatible to the pre-fightered bike you will be making a lot of fairing stays. Also hit a few ride ins or bike nights where it's not just Harley guys so you can check out other plastic set ups. May find something close enough to make the conversion a bit easier. Your factory plastics remind me a lot of 2nd gen ex500 stuff but with no size comparison it's hard to say much there. Most bikes in that age range look similar though so who knows what may work.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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