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Hello Streetfigther Crowd,
Coming mostly from dirt and dual sport riding I had a few street bikes in the past, most notably a Monster that I always missed after selling it. My big DS bike, although it's fast, is just not as much fun in the local canyons as a lightweight sport bike. Maybe it's because I'm still a little bit of a hooligan despite my advanced age.

Well so I just bought a 02 GSXR1000 rat bike / streetfighter (?) off a fellow inmate over on ADV. High handlebars, no fairings, except what's left around the stock headlight, and, um, generally kind of black. Was a "can't go wrong for that little money" kind of thing.

Bike is in good shape, 31 k miles, runs great and seemingly needs nothing, except some cosmetics to be taken care of. So I will probably get rid of that fairing with the stock headlight (it hangs way out there and it's cracked in a couple of places) and go for dual headlight cans or something, mounted to the forks. Will have to make a bracket for the instrument cluster and probably something to protect the back side of it from the elements a bit. Need to re-route some cables and look into the really stiff clutch pull.

Other than that, I'll let you all judge for yourselves.

Here's to some road riding fun when the snow melts. :smiliebiker:


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