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Hi everyone,

my Name is Ronald and i´m from Gnarrenburg Germany.
I´ve build and driven Streetfighters since i get the driver license in 1999.

Here are my current bike:
CBR 900:
- SC28 Frame
- SC44 Forks and front wheel with custom clamps
- vfr800 single side arm with modified vfr wheel (now 7.5x18")

RAU RK900:
- Frame Rau RK900
- Engine GSX-R 1127
- GSX-R 750 Forks with custom clamps
- Benelli TNT swingarm

Now i have been looking for Spondon/Martek/Gia Frame for sale around the world...

Greetings from Germany

Legit goon
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Both bikes look the schnitzel!! ...or something else that Germans say

Welcome in, seems you'll fit in just fine with these gems
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