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2 stroke sniffer
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Sorry if this is a repost of contains information relating to another post.. I'm new here. :D

Basically, I'm looking for some information relating to my options on forks, swingarms etc for a Honda NSR125 R2 Model (Foxeye).

I have a bike breakers up the road from me who have an Aprilia AF125 FUTURA in, it's got nothing left only the forks, clips ons and yokes and the single sided swingarm (That luckily has the sprocket the same side as the NSR).

Now, I'm not stranger to customising stuff as my Yamaha DTR-Sumo would attest to..

I've already figured out which tailpiece to use, I just need to know what my options for hardware are and what's involved in making them fit. (Forks, Swingarms, Tanks etc)

Any input is appreciated :)
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