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You posted a thing on KB telling us how cool you were. I'm the only one dumb enough to join.

Oh no, scratch that, 2much is dumb as well.

Seriously though, great site, thanks again.

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Dumb and Dumber:Stupid:

But I'm so dumb I didn't even see that post.
It wasn't till White Trash mentioned this place on KB that I came and had a look... then I couldn't find the way out and got stuck here.

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2much said:
then I couldn't find the way out and got stuck here.
thats the Custom Fighters patent pending trap door!


works like a charm.

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Truthfully, I don't may have been the letter Adam sent to SSB Mag? I don't know...I found the site, forgot about it over the summer, and like the prodigal son, I've returned [cue House of Pain music]

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I got pissed when streetfightersusa went down and about how louzy that forum was so went searchin and found this site.

now I'm stuck
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enrico vespa said:
I got a friend request on myspace and I seen the link on his page.
Speaking of MySpace... did you know...

I hacked the hell out of the profile system on our forum to make them more like MySpace...

there are a ton of profile fields to fill out, you can add music, video, and even customize the look of it! Plus, you can add people to your buddy list, and it will automatically send them a PM notifying them. If they add you as a buddy, you become "Friends" and they will show up on your profile (and you on theirs). You can also leave comments on peoples profiles!

Check out my profile for an example:

Change the colors and background of your profile:

Personal Picture Gallery (with link in profile):

Add Music and Video to your profile:

Profile Comments System:



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i was drafted from stuntlife (thanks!). lucky actually, b/c i very rarely post on stuntlife, just happened to see my avatar over there and brought this site to my attention. haven't looked back since. :cfrocks:
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