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There has been some confusion on how this will be judged... so I thought I would try to clear it up for everyone.

The first part involves members voting on the bikes, after all this site has always been about the members, so it just makes sense!

Now, you must keep some things in mind when voting...

DO NOT take into account how much was spent what so ever... that comes later... you are voting on:

The work done to the bike between January 1st, 2007 and May 26th, 2007 only.

Here's a run down of what you will be voting on with some tips on what to look for:
  1. motor
    • How much work have they done to the motor during the build? Is it custom or completely stock?
  2. suspension/brakes
    • Anything custom or from a different bike/model? Any custom mounting? Does it have braided lines? Is there any rust on the brakes or suspension components?
  3. intake/exhaust
    • Is the exhaust custom? Does it flow well with the bike? Do they have custom air intakes (depending on model).
  4. rims/tires
    • New shoes? How do the rims match the rest of the bike both in color and look? Are those tires bald?
  5. lights, guages, electrical
    • Does it have a nice set of gauges or a big hunk of plastic and wires? Is all the wiring hidden well? Is the headlight unique or typical?
  6. overall build quality
    • How well built does it look? Does it appear "finished?" Does it look street legal or does it beg for police interaction?
  7. overall look/flow
    • How well does it all fit together? Do the lines all flow well together or does it look choppy and random?
  8. creativity
    • How unique is it? Is it just a typical bike with the usual bolt ons, or did they make it their own?
  9. paint
    • How does the paint look? Anything unique or creative? Did they paint other parts of the bike, like the rims, brackets, etc?
  10. Custom Fighters logo usage
    • My favorite category lol. The members asked for this category, so it's here. Did they use the skull logo anywhere? The web address? Black and green?
You will be voting from 0-10 on each category for each bike, and your total score for that bike will be the total of points from each of the 10 categories, so it will be between 0-100. When the voting ends, we will total them all up and take the average for each bike, so everyone will end up with a score between 0-100. (total of scores for each bike/# of people who voted on each bike)

Details on how/where to vote will be posted soon...

From there, comes the mathematical equation that will level the playing field.

It takes into account how much total money was spent on the bike/build, as well as the average total vote from the members. It penalizes bikes that spend more money, and gives bonuses to bikes that spent less. In the end, any bike in the contest has the same shot at winning. The only thing that will decided the winner, is creativity, imagination, customization, fabrication and build quality, which is how it should be!

I have tested this equation EXTENSIVELY on various fighters I find on the internet, and it works flawlessly. I have found $1500 fighters that are very creative, built from scrap parts in a junkyard that easily beat out $9,000 generic fighters with not much done to them and not much creativity, even though any one of us would take the $9000 bike over the other one in a heartbeat.

This site has always been about doing the best you can with what you've got to work with, so that's exactly what this contest is about. :rock:

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