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Not sure what other bikes suffer from this problem, but from reading I have found that it is a semi common issue with the F series Hondas. I know first hand since I found this in my new purchase over the weekend:

Member Scrappy610 linked me to this video:

Simple enough, saves me from having to pull the motor to get it welded, and more then strong enough to handle the force that will be placed on it.

So I took the Dowel pin, mic'd it out, and modeled it up in Inventor. Figured it could be of some use to everybody here!

Started with McMasterCarr # 91257A636

Which is a 3" Long, Partial Thread HHCS, 3/8-16 Threads, I started with the MMC part because it is what we stock here.

Here is the plans for anybody that wants them:

Good luck!
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