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How to hotwire my 2016 Suzuki 1250SA bandit

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Just needing to know how to wire my Suzuki 20161250 essay bandit So I don't have to get a new ignition for can afford it at the moment would somebody please help me out with this here or pictures of the colors of wires I have and my wiring harness part I know it's gonna involve a resistor and switches possibly but if somebody could walk me through this step by step it sure would help


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I’m not sure how to hot-wire a bike but this is a very suspicious first post. I sent you a warning as such.

My suggestion is for you pull the ignition switch and go have a key made. It’s a lot less sketchy approach.

Later, Doug
I've already pulled the wires from the ignition because they ignition was beat out of it when I bought it at the auction already and I'm not worried about it looking sketchy whenever you're not doing sketchy things that doesn't really matter if you're all legal and legit so I don't worry about the sketchy things if I'm not doing sketchy things so thank you though for the advice
i had started to answer , but yeah, teaching people how to hotwire a bike online is a bit dodgy ????
Well I sure would appreciate it if you would answer it me on a private message if you wouldn't mind I understand it's a bit dodgy but people are going to learn how to do it either way I was just hoping somebody with some sort of good knowledge tell me how to do it right the first time and so I don't have to filter through all the jackasses out there that don't know anything but please if you could help me out do so thank you
1 - 3 of 7 Posts