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Since Photobucket have become awful human beings and are literally holding millions of people's images and forum threads hostage in a dirty cash grab, and also because Photobucket really sucks by modern standards, I've switched over to Imgur (Still free, unlimited hosting, no BS about 3rd party linking, relatively clean interface both via browser or Android/iPhone app) and I said a few days ago I'd do a quick and dirty write-up on how to use the site vis-a-vis image hosting for forums. I'm not an expert on this stuff and if someone reading this knows better ways to do anything, chime right in-I'd be glad to learn a better way myself.

Step one, go to and click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step two, pick a username, if it's taken it'll tell you right off the bat and you can pick something else. Enter your e-mail address. I don't believe that it absolutely has to be a legit e-mail because they don't bother with account verification, but you won't be able to recover a lost password if you use a fake e-mail. Enter a password, then enter the same password again in the next field to confirm. The password must contain both letters and numbers. Click Next.

Step three, verify you're not a robot. Check the gray/white box, it should either turn into a green checkmark immediately or it may ask you to take further steps to verify your humanity-it'll explain the process if it becomes in-depth. Once done, click Register. If everything was done properly it should take you directly to the front page of the site, already logged in.

To upload images, click the green "New Post" button in the upper left-middle of the screen and select "Upload Images". This'll pop a prompt that says "Browse or drag images here to upload". You can either hit 'browse' which will take you to Windows Explorer on PC or the Finder, I suppose, on Mac, or if you have the folder your images are in you can select and drag and drop them into the field. As soon as you either drop images or browse, select and open it'll begin to upload. When the upload is finished it'll take you straight to a gallery containing those images, and you can either right-click on the images and select "copy image location" or similar to get the image link or click on a thumbnail, which will then pop up and give you a bunch of different URLs - in this case the one you want is listed under 'Direct Link' (should end in .jpeg, .gif, .png or similar) and you can drop these links into your forum posts using the insert image feature or using HTML tags.

Oh yeah, if you want to see everything you've ever uploaded, organize your stuff into galleries etc, you go to, click your user name in the upper right corner if you're logged in, and select 'images'.

I'm sure I've missed some stuff, and this is maybe not the best organized write-up, but hopefully it'll help some people out.
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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