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Hurricane 600 shocks

So took me the entire summer to rebuild my engine all to replace the oil seal. Stupid design by honda to have to split the case to do that. I did an r6 and all i did was pull out the old oil seal and slide the new one right on it.

View attachment 31170

View attachment 31178

But beyond that rebuild the engine put it back together and got to rebuilding the forks (tubes are shot and need new tubes) so I ordered a new f3 front end for a better front suspension

View attachment 31186

And with putting a much better front end on wanted to know if an f4 shock would bolt up real easy i have heard its 2in longer which would raise my rear end which i would like so i have a more aggressive look since the rear on hurricanes is pretty low

View attachment 31194

Just wanted to know of any suggestions of a shock i could put in that would raise the rear buy mainly give me better rear suspension and adjustability

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