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Is my bike ok?
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Rims are off an '87 CBR600 F1 Hurricane. Satin black powdercoated.

Rear wheel has bearings for a 20mm axle, which I'm not sure is stock,so...

Tires are Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's. They have about 1,800 miles on them. The front tire still looks new, the rear I'd say is at half tread life.

I have been riding on these wheels and tires so I can promise all the rotors are fine and there is no vibration or warpage or any funny stuff going on. Bearings went in new when the tires went on. That sprocket is steel, new and has 46 teeth for a 530 chain.

Front tire is a 110/70-17

Rear tire is a 140/70-17

$300 + shipping from 24122.

You don't want these. You need these. I have Paypal. Cash only if local pickup, please. Thanks!

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