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I Need Rejet Advice

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I'd like to get the tuning right on my GSX1100G with pod filters. It currently has a full vance and hines Exhaust but I'm not sure if it was ever jetted for them. It had a stock air filter and box. I plan on running pod filters to free up room and get rid of the insanely difficult to remove/install airbox. Basically it's got the same engine as the older 1100 Katanas. What all do I need to do to run these pods with the full exhaust? Their Mikuni carbs by the way.
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This is what i used to get a starting point for jetting on my gs750. Once you find the jet size you need order +1 and -1 size in case your bike is different.
Honest truth is that if you're going to yank the air box on any engine like that you should really but the jet kit. You can fatten it up to make it run right but the blunt taper needles in stock carbs aren't going to give you the best fuel profile.

My personal opinion, use the factory brand jet kit. They size components based on factory sized parts so if you need to change stuff you know what you need. Dynojet makes good stuff but they use their own numbering system so I hold a grudge on that.
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