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I shall call it......Bob

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Because I just don't know what the hell else to call it.

1984 Honda VF700C Magna. Pre-bobbed by the guy before Corey. First, pics.

First loaded up after the trade so that I could bring it home

Holy shit the ugly cocksucker made it here without falling off the trailer!

This bitch is ugly. Very ugly. Maybe I should call it Ugly Bob?

But it only has 27k on it! .......and my jackhandle for bars to move it.

So that's the dibs! It's here, its ugly, and it's all mine!

Other than the chopped tail, it's intact. Wiring isn't cut, nothing's missing, and holy mother of christ IT HAS BOTH FUCKING SIDE COVERS!!!!!!!!!

So what's the problem? It need's handlebars (duh), a fuel pump, and a seat. Not bad.
Rat said he's got a fuel pump for me, otherwise the R6 at the yard should still have it's pump as well. Rat says he might have bars too. A seat? I'll duct tape a pillow and throw it down, the fuck do I care?

Welcome to DailyRider2.0 aka Ugly Fucking Bob!
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You now have two bikes named Bob.... that's kinda messed up dude. :nuts:

Maybe the next one could have a female name? :mom:
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I do not have 2 bikes named Bob! And besides, it's a movie reference.

New Earth aka Planet Bob
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yer gonna have fun!:thumbsup:

For what it's worth, much like anything else that graces my doorstep, I'm going to have ideas. I'm going to post them here. I might not actually do any of them. I might do all of them. Who knows! For the most part it's just me using this place as a sounding board, a place to put my ideas until I get to them. But this bike, like the Virago, will not be torn down or modified in any way once running, unless it's something that can be done over the course of the weekend, because I need this shit for getting to work. The van is felating my wallet worse than ever, and the only way I'm gonna save cash is to put a little into this thing and put it on the road, and then stick a little more cash into the Virago, and get IT on the road. Having the bikes running is gonna save me a SHITLOAD of fuel, which means I can start putting money towards other bills or actually fixing the van.

So with that said.........

I'll post some ideas later :smiliebiker:
Also, Ben filled me in. Apparently I DO have 2 bikes named Bob. Tim named the Virago "Bitch Tits Bob". So not only are both bikes named Bob, they're both movie references.
Ok, small update. No pics, but work is happening. Replaced the dead fuel pump with one from a 99 R6, currently reassembling everything around it and bundling the harness back in place.

Getting my Sabre wheels back from Mark, which is good because the rear had a brand new tire when I passed the bike onto him, and it hasn't seen the road since. So bike is going from a 16/18 wheel/tire setup to a 17/18 setup, so that'll help costs as I'll only need 1 tire now.

Got handlebars on it, got the controls back on, though I'm waiting on a throttle tube from ebay, one I got from the yard isn't quite right, and the only other tube I had is cracked up.

Going back to the yard prolly tomorrow, grabbing the seat from the R6 as well. It should slot in under the tank, and I can have Mark weld a couple tabs on for the rear mounts.

Also need to double check the pinouts on a couple solenoids I have here, the foil fuse piece of shit is NOT going to stay on this bike. I've got the solenoid from the R6, one from an Intruder, and the CBR one I had on the Sabre. Might use the R6 solenoid since it has a spare fuse holder on it, and best fits the stock rubber mount.

I'll post pics soon!
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Where is there a salvage yard around here that has bikes?!?!?!

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I'm up near Milwaukee now. The place is called Al's, on HWY45. They typically tend to have piles of chinese scooters, but they take bikes too. They've got a bunch there, mostly older Yamahas, some Honda and Suzuki. They don't last long. The good shit gets cut out quick, and the carcasses sit there forever and ever after. Whenever I see something good come in, I pick that shit out quick as I can. It helps that the guy that runs the yard knows me well and tells me something just came in XD

There's also a place actually IN Milwaukee that deals with parting out bikes.
Cool I might have to check it out when I take Kai's bandit over there

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I like this bike, a lot. Probably more than I should. I will be watching this.
You got some work to do.....................gonna be FUN!
Got everything more or less done and ready for when the ignition boxes come in. R6 fuel pump is installed, plumbed with new hose, everything is reinstalled around it as best possible (since there's no seat and nothing sits where it used to before the bob), and that part of it all is ready and waiting. I still need to toss another solenoid on there, just gotta double check the pinouts to make sure they're the same.

Gonna swap over the Sabre rear wheel tomorrow, steal the bars off the Virago for a bit, and finish putting the controls together. I want this as completed as possible for when everything shows up.

One of the first things I'm going to be doing to this bike once it's running and on the road is exhaust. I thought about just redoing what I had on the Sabre, as it looked pretty ok and sounded pretty fucking awesome. But I'm looking down the road vs right now, and I'm gonna want something different.

I'm getting this

Gonna separate the cans, have some pipes made to connect them to the collector, and hang them under the passenger peg mounts (need to order a pair of those). They will sit as close as possible, both to the hanger, and to the collector. The body on these is roughly 12 inches long, I don't want this hanging way out towards the back of the bike. The tips will be getting cut way down and I'm going to see about some inserts for the ends, something in the style of Rinehart endcaps, I like how those look. The tips/endcaps will be something for way down the line, once I have more of the bike cleaned up and finished. But the mufflers themselves are happening as soon as I possibly can.
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Got the bike more or less wrapped up for now. Still have to swap the bars from the Virago and put the Sabre wheel on, but the rest is pretty done until parts get here.

Went and got the seat, this is gonna look great on here, will need very little to cover the gaps once the mounts and bits are made.

Ignition boxes and throttle tube are on their way. Need to grab a headlight bulb from work Saturday and a couple bolts to hold the headlight on, and see what the best price I can snag on a battery is.
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Put the jack handle(bars) back on! I loved that look. Also, no gauges! I really have an unhealthy fascination with this bike. So much so, that I'm looking for one to buy...
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I'm gonna take the VF500F bars off the Virago and use those.

Hit a small setback, got the rear wheel off the Magna to find out that I need to order a new flange for the Sabre wheel to be able to use it. Good news at least is that the taller 17" wheel/tire combo DOES clear the Magna swingarm all around.

Getting a battery, headlight bulb, plugs, oil, and filter at work, and ordering a front tire as well. Should all be coming together this week!
I do not have 2 bikes named Bob! And besides, it's a movie reference.

New Earth aka Planet Bob
Me and my ex watched this when she was pregnant with our first. So my son is named Cale.
Bike is coming together nicely. Pulled the VF500F bars from the Virago, got everything on them. Gonna have to make a couple tabs to move the gauges up though, wasn't enough clearance between the housings and the forks for the bars to fit. Looks great though!

Doesn't feel to bad either, time will tell though. I have a feeling I'll be ordering a set of bars from a Sabre, they're the same setup, but taller. Can move them under the triples and still have them taller than where they are now, and wouldn't have to move my gauges either.

List of things on the way:
drive flange for Sabre wheel
choke lever
turn signals
ignition boxes
throttle tube

Things I still need:
headlight bulb
front tire
bolts to hold headlight assembly to bike
pair of tabs to move gauges

Getting the battery, bulb, and bolts at work, Rat said he's got a tire for me, holy christ I'm riding this week! Only other thing to do will be to have mounts welded on to hold the seat in place
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Those bars made it look a lot more aggressive, nice choice!
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