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ID this bike!!

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I have explored everywhere possible for info. I even messaged Floris Velthuis, but he speaks dutch and I'm not patient enough to learn another language... I have a 98 katana that desperately needs a facelift and it has a rusty tank. Being a firefighter, I collect old antique extinguishers and am wanting something like what is pictured here without being so "ratty". Thanks in advance fighter geeks!!
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92 "katana" 600
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I sometimes forget that only us on this side of the pond call them Katanas. Damn Suzuki marketing!! lmao I'm searching for referrence material on this particular bike. Since it was professionally photographed, I was hoping there was also some sort of write-up on it.....
Spoke to Floris and he directed me here

Anybody know a Boon or Green Man MCC?! Searching forums now....
Nothing? I can't say I'm not disappointed a Ok then, any ideas? I'm using two old 2.5 gallon extinguishers. I have already emptied and cleaned them thoroughly. Has anyone here done similar? Looking at mounting options and fitting choices
start choppin' ... rip off the plastic ... break out the grinder ... cut some tubes and weld up a new tail ... go for it. what are the fire extinguishers made from? alu or steel? find petcocks on old bikes ... run some gas lines maybe even filters ... bunch of flat black spray cans ... what could go wrong? :thumbsup:
what could go wrong? :thumbsup:
LMAO Missing Limbs....

I'm commencing the process Friday :D
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If your planning to tie the extinguishers together as one fuel tank make it easy and put your petcock on one side on the connection tube. Run 2 sizes bigger than you need so that it doesn't plug us as easily and put a filter inline somewhere.
what he said ^^^^^

also, make sure you vent it somehow. you probably knew that though.
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