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So, because of our server move last month, we didn't have the FOTM voting... now we have 29 entries total for this month...

Ultimately, the idea is at the end of the year to take the 12 winners and vote on the "Fighter of the Year"

So... we have decided to split the entries in half:

15 in the April FOTM
14 in the May FOTM

I will post a thread for each soon with small pics of each of the entries and a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite fighter out of those 15 entries.

I have already moved the entry threads into their appropriate categories, so if you go look through April FOTM, you will see who is in that contest, etc.

This way, we will still have an April FOTM, so at the end of the year, we will still have 12 in the Fighter of the Year contest.

To make it fair, we will show BOTH the April AND May FOTM winners on our home page through all of June!

Polls coming soon!

Good luck to all entered!
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