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I now have my hands on a hyusung 2004 gt comet, that I have started to street fighter on a budget.

Yes its a 125 but Im already on ebay looking for a 250cc or if I can find one cheap enough a sv 400cc engine to throw in at a later date

So far renthal bars fitted
duel headlight
Carb rebuild in the process
Mirror bar ends

Still to so

chop rear end for single seat and stubby exhaust with custom tail tidy.

Thing I’m unsure about is the wheels, leave em how they hare or my mate has suggested to spray them white.
Me I’m thinking of black than eventually spray the frame once I have the new engine

any suggestions please don’t hesitate


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The dual disks should be pretty awesome.
I like the looks of it... Nice little bike. Not a fan of the skull mask, but that's because I think a round headlight looks best on everything. =P Skull mask is still a cool idea, haha.

Hmm... Have you measured to see if you could fit a parallel twin in there? Though an SV400 would be awesome.
A two stroke would be awesome in there, too... Just saying...;)
I was gonna' say that it'd be nice and light, a 125 with a 400 in it... But apparently the 400 is lighter than the 125?
The 125 has the same dry weight as an SV650... What makes it so damn heavy? o_O
Hopefully not the frame.

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250 will fit but the 400 won't as it's a sleeved down version of the 650 and fits in a completely different frame. Nice start though
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