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Read this on another board...

ScanMan said:
Every Amtrak train must have a car that we can tie down our bikes in. Can you imagine traveling with your bike in this way. I know there is an east coast run that allows this, but it should be all runs. Volumes of passengers would soar, and rail ticket prices would drop.

I have sent in email to some of the railroad lines, and they thank me for the input, and that is as far as it goes. I'm thinking that some kind of mass mailing might work. Thoughts?

I promised them that, if they would do this, I would spend all my remaining vacations traveling by train with either my street bike or my dualsport. The dualsport is what has me drooling over this solution. I have a 450, and that is too small to run highways for long miles. Anything bigger means that single track becomes a nightmare. But imagine riding down to your local train stop....Moab!

With gas prices where they are, isn't it time to make this happen?

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My Dad was an engineer for the Long Island Rail Road. I practicly grew up on a trian. We used to take the auto train down to FL to see my Grandmother durring the summer. I always loved riding the train. I agree, a cross country route would be killer. A few years back I had to make a trip back east from CA and was woundering if there was an auto train to use. Obviously, that was big negative. It would be cool to load up the bike and head where ever without having to worry so much about a place to stay, eat, etc.
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