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Whats up guys? My name is Johnny, I'm 27 years young, being a pawnbroker pays the bills. Father of 3 gorgeous little girls. An amazing fiancé I love til death. And for the bike...

Yamastein! Its a 95 yzf600. First street bike. Fell in love with street bikes after riding my brother in-law's SV 1000. Which happens to be the same guy that brought me here to CF. I've always had a thing for streetfighter/ naked, matte colored, rat bikes. I picked it up for 850 bucks with money I got from selling my disabled 86 z31 turbo :(. I doubt I'll ever look back at cagers again. Currently has Uni pod filters, Vortex rear sprocket, dynajet kit, seat amd tail conversion (i think from a CBR, po did it).I've recently ditched the factory cat-like head lights and made a set up using a 5" fog light from a Lexus. Swapped the broken front brake lever and reservoir for a cbr set up (metal reservoir vs plastic). I had a handmade muffler/ baffle... but unfortunately the cheapo wire welder we used didn't take to well and it fell off lol.

Hes about to under go some extreme surgery over the next month with a custom tail, paint, headlight and front fairing in mind. I have a set up in mind for a ww2 style fighter plane with shark graphics in mind. The blueprint is laid out, just deciding between a metal-like flat silver or a darker matte green/ camo scheme. I have a show to attend as a benefit for my cousin who recently was hit head on by an intoxicated driver (methadone) which resulted in her losing a leg. The show is to raise money to keep their family up and get her a good prosthetic. Im on my phone at the moment so ill post pics later.

Shiney side up
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